would you marry sage if both of you were goats

i don’t think goats can conceptualize the idea of marriage 

what is your opinion re: pigeons generally

they’re okay, i don’t live in a place where I have to deal with them very often. 

Also: is there a reason you specifically picked the spell mediarama, or were the ones you liked more taken, or? (Mediarama is definitely one of my favorites and is one of the most useful, though, so good choice.)

I picked it because it made me think of some kind of cavalcade of media, like a bowl-a-rama or a skate-o-rama or something along those likes. 

Healing spells are great though. 

would u marry mezzo as a pidgeon

i love sage no matter what, but i don’t think marrying a pigeon is legal anywhere

Who did YOU pick in Hatoful Boyfriend to be your somebirdy? Something seems suspect with hot teacher birdy, but I'm not sure, this game is amazing though haha (I already guessed some of the plot too before reading up about it :'D)

(student/teacher relationships actually make me super ridiculously uncomfortable, even in a context as goofy as this, ahahaha„,)

I went with Ryouta first!! He’s still probably my favorite, even though I did end up playing every route. 

What are your top 3 recommended dating sims and why?

all of these

no, but for real, the thing i love most about VNs and Dating Sims and the like is the earnestness on the part of the creator. I feel like there is a much closer relationship between the author and the audience with media like this, and I really love that. I feel like this is the same reason I’m so fond of OCs. You can also generally play them in a matter of a few hours maximum, and that’s good because I haven’t felt like spending dozens of hours on a video game for a long time. 

But for real I guess, Autumn’s Journey was really adorable, RE: Alistair++ is nice, and Frozen Essence was one of the first games I downloaded from the site, so it holds a weirdly special place in my heart. They aren’t a top three or anything, but they’re some of the first ones that come to mind.

I’d also go ahead and recommend all of Christine Love's work, I've actually only played Digital: A Love Story and Don't Take it Personally Babe, but they both fucked me RIGHT UP. I'm planning on playing Analogue at some point, but I haven't yet. (But if you're going to for real take any recommendations from this, definitely go with this.)

Its Tuesday, send me asks

I absolutely unironically love Hatoful Boyfriend, you think I’m joking when I tell you to play it but I’m absolutely not, date some pigeons everyone, play the entire game.



what kind of fraudulent wish-fulfilling game is this

sage: what the fuck you don’t get to play as a pigeon? im making a post about this


"I would do anything for you," I tell my girlfriend.

Date some pigeons,” she whispers.

I’m apparently gonna climb this whole dating sim mountain now.